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5 billion people without clean water by 2025

The world is headed to a stupendous crisis given that only 3% of the world’s water supply is potable. Of that 3% some is trapped underground and in glaciers in the North and South Pole, as such it is very difficult to extract at an affordable price.” At this moment 1.2 billion people of the world’s population do not have access to clean water and this number is expected to grow to approximately 5 billion people by 2025 which is based on a study done by the UN.
These somber facts and projections were presented this week by Mr Mathew Margolis of Pearl Waterfree Technologies at a function of the Green Building Council of Namibia where they handed out their first official membership certificates.
The presentation focused on Namibia’s current water crisis and alternative ways to create sustainable sanitation solutions. Margolis explained that spending billions of dollars on water optimizing and water harvesting systems to increase water supply will have little impact due to population increase and wasteful practices.
Furthermore, he stressed that Namibia’s current water shortages need a decided effort to change behaviors and ensure that Namibians are deliberate in their water conservation efforts. “Even if the City of Windhoek increases the water supply by 100%, it is of no use as several thousands of gallons of water are being flushed down toilets everyday. This adds to water purification costs as well as the cost of buildings for this type of plumbing systems which are a great expense.”
The Green Building Council certificates were handed out by the Deputy Minister of Works and Transport, Hon James Sankwasa. Membership certificates went to Mr Angula Nashandi for Bicon Consulting Engineers, Ms Karen Miller for Karen Miller Architects, Mr Frikkie Holtzhausen for Lithon Consulting Engineers, Mr Ndishilange Ndjoba for Windhoek Consulting Engineers, Ms Ramatoulie Muhammed for Jack Mutua Architects, Mr Ronald Geiger for SCE Seelenbinder Consulting Engineers and Mr Lukie Van Staden for the Aurecon group. The Deputy Minister closed the ceremony with a speech on the importance of sustainability and the necessity of collaboration between all professions to strive to achieve the best possible solution. The Ministry of Works and Transport is in the best position to influence the adoption of Green Building standards in all government buildings and the minister encouraged all stake holders to follow in its footsteps. The Green Building Council will host its third annual green building convention from 26 to 30 September at the Habitat Research and Development Centre in Katutura.

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