Several mentors and mentees in the 2016 Katuka Mentorship programme came together this week for a voluntary training session and an update on their progress. From the left are Senia Shikongo, Mathilde Ishitile, Susanna Amutenya, Taime Hamutenya, Popyeni Shiweda, Joyce Swartz, Roini Oskar, Heidi von Hase, Sabine Ruegg (trainer), Simonee Mulamata and Desèré Lundon-Muller (organiser). The training focussed on a Strategic Life and Career Planning. The Katuka Mentorship Programme is the legacy of the late Lena Markus, the Namibian Businesswoman of the Year 2000. The programme has runs consistently for 16 years and to date qualified more than 280 mentees. This year’s programme concludes at the end of October with a certificate ceremony scheduled for 16 November. Katuka is sponsored by Telecom Namibia. (Photograph by Noriene van Wyk)