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Labour Ministry inks MoU with Statistics Agency

Labour Ministry inks MoU with Statistics Agency

The Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment creation in collaboration with Namibia’s Statistics Agency (NSA) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding pertaining to data collection on Namibia’s labour market.
The signing was done by Mr Matthew Shinguadja, Permanent secretary, Ministry of Labour and Mr Alex Shimuafeni, NSA’s statistician general.
Speaking at the signing, Shinguadja explained that the signing of the MoU only serves to officiate the relationship between the Ministry and NSA, “This is not the beginning of something new, there has always been a working collaboration between the NSA and the ministry”.
Furthermore he said that the signing will officiate the consistent research and surveys to provide information which will spell out out areas of operations, mutual assistance and the sharing of information.
He revealed that NSA, together with the labour ministry, is busy putting together a Namibia labour market information system, which will show indicators in the market as opposed to just looking at the unemployment rate. Shimuafeni in his remarks said that, there is also a need to work with other ministries, including the Ministry of Finance in order to create a statistical business register.
“We need to know the number of businesses that are there in terms of skills and the Employment Equity Commission will also assist in getting the information. Harambe is talking about good governance and cooperation. We can’t work in isolation. You will not create synergy and it’s not cost effective. Like other ministries, the ministry of labour also has statisticians. It’s important for us to work together,” he said.
It was further added that statistical data of this nature may even help post graduate students to analyse the job market and the availability of jobs in that market, as statistics will notify how many people are already employed in a specific field and how many job creating institutions are there to support a specific workforce.

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