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Meatco readies for exports

According to the Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco), they are confident that new markets in the USA and China will bring producers maximum prices for exporting boneless raw beef products.
The company is also in talks to introduce higher value vacuum-packed chilled beef and offal, sought-after products in the Chinese market that fetch premium prices.
Negotiations on entering the USA market began with the application process six years ago and now the company has until 12 September 2016 to ensure that all systems are revisited at their Windhoek plant that is south of the cordon veterinary fence. Preparations at a national industry are also set to meet exports conditions.
Both chilled and frozen boneless meat products excluding offals can be imported to the USA, the strategy in that, Meatco believes, is to target the fast food industry franchises like Mc Donald’s to maximise returns to producers.
Approval from China to start beef exports has been granted. Following negotiations on the types of meat that can be exported, the market trends and the storage requirement for shipping to Asia. Meatco is currently in the favourable position of dictating how much beef will be exported to China.
These new markets hold great potential and concerns are high to sort out operational procedures from the onset. Regulations such as China’s 60 days requirement for cattle to be on the farm before slaughter and vaccinating against anthrax. This includes the product labelling and certification by the Directorate of Veterinary Services.
Under the final approved agreements, which will go ahead as planned, Meatco will be the first African country to export free range organic beef-in-bone exports to China. A lucrative market, with a beef consumption of more than 9 million tonnes annually.
This the company said is a deliberate move in targeting other niche markets to streamline their product range and position products timely in new markets.
Earlier statements from Meatco also suggests that Hong Kong is another market up for grab by Meatco’s Nature Reserve product.
According to Meatco, this is another niche market that has opened up, allowing for more options to maximise returns for producers. The additional market gives Meatco the opportunity to streamline our cuts and make sure we position the right product, in the right market at the right time.
The new logistical routes requires Meatco to ensure cost effectiveness and time management at all times. “Logistics and freight must be as simple as possible, because it will be of no use if a specific market cannot deliver higher prices/returns for our products.”Undamuje Hambira, Meatco’s spokeswoman, said. Adding that maintaining and improving quality, hygiene standards, systems and procedures throughout, in order to access world-class markets like this one has been in the making.

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