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Nationhood and National Pride in Hardap

Nationhood and National Pride in Hardap

The deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT), Hon Stanley Simataa officially launched the Nationhood and National Pride (NNP) campaign in Mariental recently. At the launch, the deputy minister praised the Khomas region forum members, holding them up as an example to follow by the Hardap region. The Nationhood and National Price campaign addresses social ills such as tribalism, racism, vandalism, crime, gender violence and a lack of respect for the national symbols. It encourages a sense of pride and responsibility in, for and by all Namibians
Pictured are deputy Minister Simataa, (third from right) and Hileni Mudhika, senior information officer at the information ministry with members from the Hardap region NNP forum. (Photograph by David Adetona)

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