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String and Accordion Concert: Russian band Vertograd drives out winter cold

String and Accordion Concert: Russian band Vertograd drives out winter cold

Venue: Franco Namibian Cultural Centre
Date: Saturday, 09 July 2016
Time: 18:30
Entry: Free

An ensemble of three Russian players is in Namibia for a performance this weekend in Windhoek. The band named Vetrograd comprises Yuri Stupak on the balalaika, Petr Matrenichev on the bayan (accordion) and Vitaly Grebennikow on acoustic guitar.
The Old Russian word “Vertograd” means a “garden abundant with fruits”. This name reflects the music style of the Band, as in Russian culture “Vertograd” has another, figurative meaning of a heaven paradise orchard, a symbol of human spiritual aspirations towards the absolute beauty. A deep interest in traditions of the Russian olden days has encouraged musicians to choose this name. It has also influenced their style of performance and repertoire.
The artists perform music of different countries, peoples and epochs. They play not only well-known, but also seldom played Russian folk songs and romances, famed classics and original compositions. Their style has been also influenced by swing, funk, blues, Latino, bossa-nova, and bebop.
The mixture of balalaika, guitar and bayan (accordion) has been generally recognized as an optimal choice for creating a very exquisite sound.
Their show is structured around group performances but there are also solos from each of the band members.

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