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Windhoek least expensive city in region

Windhoek least expensive city in region

I have been pleasantly surprised at how some people treat or react to a pregnant woman, all along I thought everybody treated them with gentleness, kindness and love.
But no, was I wrong to assume that, many individuals are actually very scarred of a pregnant woman. This I found out while indulging my cravings at Pick n Pay. When two gentlemen were walking towards me and took one look at me and turned around and walked way, at almost a run in the other direction.
I thought nothing of it at first but then, I encountered them again at the till and I could not help but notice the horrified looks they had on their faces when I stood near them. Luckily for them I was ushered to the front of the line, otherwise I would have been tempted to grill them on their behaviour.
The other group of people I found out are scared or do not want to be near a pregnant woman, are female journalist, yep that’s right. They always tell me not to come close to them when I meet them at functions. Their reason being that they do not want me to infect them. What is this, do I have Ebola or what? Just to annoy them I stand as close to them as possible and ask one of them to feel the baby moving. Which just makes them run in different directions, which gives me an opportunity to take pictures without be shoved out of the way, wonderful.
The group of people who have really, really truly surprised by a lot are taxi drivers. They become so caring and thoughtful. Who would have thought? I had one driver insist that a customer in the front seat get out and go sit at the back to cater for me, even though I assured him I would be fine at the back. He would not take no for an answer, therefore I let myself be ushered to the front seat of his taxi.
The most frustrating encounter I had was with a security guard at FNB Katutura, Shopping complex, yes I want to name and shame. I asked him if I can not go stand in front and he told me no, which I accepted gracefully, with no complains. So I stood in line waiting my turn. After 30 minutes he comes to me and says, “You have been standing for long, neh, but don’t worry, if you give birth the hospital is very near”.
His comment made my blood boil, making my whole body shake with anger and frustration. Luckily for him, God intervened when the teller called out next and I saw that it was my turn. After completing my transaction, I didn’t have the energy to ask for the manager to complain, I was just so drained, tired and frustrated. I just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible, which I did. I swore to myself that they haven’t heard the last of me. But when I got home I cooled down and realized, that situation was not worth my anger and I stopped stressing immediately because I did not want to stress my baby, so I left it at that.
But besides those incidences I have been treat considerably well, which should be the case because being pregnant is not easy. I do not care how perfect of a pregnancy a woman has it is still uncomfortable in some ways, so enjoy being spoilt, pampered and treat good, while motherhood awaits you.

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