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Show your patriotism and vote for Namibia

Namibia is one of the countries in the run for the US$300,000 cash prize which is up for grabs in the 8th season of Africa’s biggest and most loved reality show, Big Brother Africa.
As usual 28 housemates from 14 African countries have to survive 91 days under “house arrest” with complete strangers in a bid to win over viewers and win the $300,000. The show premièred on Sunday, 26 May 2013 and comes to an end on Sunday 25 August 2013. Each week viewers can vote to keep their favourite housemate in the House and hopefully seeing him or her win the cash prize as well as a chance to become a celebrity and a household name.
Countries  competing in Big Brother are Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Botswana, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Sierra Leone. Ethiopia returned as the fourteenth participating country in the show, replacing Liberia. Once again, two houses are featured in this edition, “Diamonds” and “Rubies”.
Third year Psychology student at UNAM, Dillish Matthews and radio personality and model, Maria Nepembe, are Namibia’s Big Brother hopefuls. Since these girls were announced as the Namibian housemates in the Big Brother Africa House, Namibians flocked to the social networking sites to either insult or congratulate them, obviously forgetting that they are in there representing Namibia as a country. Some Namibians are very unpatriotic, they would rather vote and support housemates from other countries instead of their own, Maria and Dillish. Whether those girls have a reputation of being gold diggers or as they are known locally Dirty Kandeshis, at this moment they are ambassadors of Namibia and we should vote for them to bring the money home.
During the previous seven seasons of the series, Nigeria won the cash prize three times, while host South Africa took that money in last year’s edition of the show. Why can’t Namibia be the winner of this year’s edition? I remember how we rallied behind Lady May last year but only after we realised that she had a good chance of winning the money and she ended among the last three housemates to leave the Big Brother Africa house. If we start campaigning and put whatever “beef” we have with those girls aside and only think of them as Namibians  they can surely win the money.
In 2007, President Pohamba directed Cabinet, to develop the Nationhood and National Pride Campaign through the Ministry of Communication Technology as a vehicle to support and sustain pride in Namibian citizenship and motivate our individual and collective consciousness to do our duty in commitment to obligations and responsibility to the nation and to each other as fellow citizens. Two Namibians are in the Big Brother House representing the country. This is were we should stand together for our Nationhood and National Pride and vote for these girls so that one of them can come home with that money. It does not matter what other people say about them, or what their attitudes are, or what their pasts are, right now at this moment they are out there representing Namibia and the whole of Africa is watching them. Let us be patriotic and support them, let us show Africa that Namibia has what it takes to be the next winners of Big Brother Africa “The Chase”.
We have the tendency to complain when things do not go as planned, and I know we will complain if neither one of our Big Brother housemates bring that money home or make it to the last housemates in the House, so let us vote to keep them in the game for as long as possible. Namibian has to be good at something, let it be the Big Brother game, since we can all testify that there is no hope for us in Sports.

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