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Third annual Green Building Convention around the corner

The Green Building Council Namibia will be holding their Third Annual Convention, an event with growing importance on the property and construction scene, from 27 June to 1 July with the overall theme of “Building Sustainability”.
Announcing the upcoming convention earlier this week, the Green Building Council said delegates can learn how to apply green criteria and evaluate green buildings, hear about the latest happenings on the green building scene and connect with others sharing an interest in sustainable built environments.
During the convention, according to the organisers, Monday to Wednesday will be dedicated to Training Workshops on the GreenStar Green Building certification system, covering both new and existing buildings in general, and multi-unit residential developments in particular. Delegates can expect to learn how to apply the so-called Interiors Rating Tools.
“It gives Namibians access at a fraction of the registration costs for South African courses, and without expensive travel costs. Participants in these workshops will receive certificates allowing them to continue with the GreenStar Professional Accreditation online course and examination. This opportunity is open to anyone with a tertiary qualification and an interest in Green Building,” they said. Furthermore, a lively conference and exhibition will take place on Thursday and Friday with many presentations on a wide variety of green building subjects, ranging from small-scale solar installations, the status on private solar power production in Namibia, to how to deal with the water crisis, building with Rammed Earth, principles of Green Housing and many more. Several subjects and speakers new to a Namibian audience will be included.
The organisers said there will be many networking opportunities, as the event brings together a rich diversity of built environment participants under one roof.
The exhibition is set to provide “an opportunity for suppliers and service providers to showcase their offerings to a wide audience, from the general public to construction professionals like architects and engineers, quantity surveyors and town planners, building contractors, property developers and managers, interior designers, estate agents, conveyancers, green NGO’s, property financing institutions, home-owners, retail businesses and others.”
Meanwhile, the grand finale will consist of building tours to several notable green buildings in Windhoek, among them the first 6-Star rated Existing Building in Africa, where a local engineering company transformed a mundane existing building into an award-winning ultimate green office building.

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