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Namibia and China talk art

Namibia and China talk art

An official Chinese delegation was welcomed to Windhoek this week, where they attended the opening of a art exhibition comprising the works of Chinese painters.
Her Worship Francina Kahungu, the deputy Mayor of the City of Windhoek welcomed Mr Liu Yi’an, Executive Vice Mayor of the Nanjing Peoples’ Municipal Government earlier this week at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre where the Chinese painters showcased their art work depicting Africa through their eyes.
Honourable Kahungu said that the painting exhibition marks a milestone achievement in the friendship of the two cities, demonstrating their eagerness and commitment to cultural exchange and people to people relationships. “This show is a historic one as it marks the first tangible activities since the signing of the cooperation agreement between our two cities last year September in Nanjing,” she added.
She emphasized that cultural exchange programmes serve as an important means of introducing people around the world to ideas they might not normally be exposed to. “Cultural exchange activities present nations with an opportunity to understand each other and the values they hold,” said Kahungu.
Mr Yi’an is accompanied by a six-member artist delegation who helped to give life to the exhibition through more than 30 pictures by various Chinese artist and also some pictures by African artist, depicting China. During his visit Mr Yi’an is meeting representatives of the City of Windhoek to discuss economic cooperation, cultural exchanges, training and development.
The Memorandum of Friendship and Cooperation signed between the two Cities in 2015, covers trade and investment, training and development, cultural exchange and tourism. The doors for the Windhoek Nanjing relations were opened when the Khomas Regional Council visited the Jiangsu Province of which Nanjing is the capital, in 2013.

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