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Nurse wins fabulous holiday of her choice

Nurse wins fabulous holiday of her choice

Toini Amadhila won an all expenses paid holiday competition launched by Old Mutual at the Namibian Tourism Expo after she was nominated by Ndeapo Nashini for her dedication to her own community.
Mrs Amadhila who was a nurse by profession during her working career, chose to return to work as a nurse after she retired as she believes she can still make a difference in other individuals lives.
In a statement released last week, the life insurer said “Old Mutual Namibia showed their commitment to a long standing business approach that speaks to Responsible Businesses. One of Old Mutual’s Responsible Business pillars is to be responsible to our communities and therefore they launched the competition to all visitors to the Tourism Expo.:
Old Mutual said the winner of the N$20,000 holiday was picked from many nominations indicating that there are many unspoken selfless heroes working for and in their communities.
“We would like to thank Ndeapo Nashima for nominating our winner, Mrs. Toini Amadhila for her dedication towards her community” said Old Mutual.

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