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Hangana vessel receives face lift

Hangana vessel receives face lift

An extensive two-year, N$28 million project by Hangana Seafood – subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – has given new life to The ‘Otter Bank’ – one of 8 vessels owned by this Namibian fishing company.
According to Hangana Managing Director, Herman Theron, the trawl doors, main winch, net drums and winches of the ‘Otter Bank’ needed attention. New custom designed Carrel winches from Spain were installed, while the vessel was fitted with an ABC engine to enable it to run on Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO), supporting the business’ strive to reduce its carbon footprint.
The ‘Otter Bank’ also received a new Icer Wyss pitch system with 1500 kilowatt (kW) (equal to 2100 horse power) for propulsion. The vessel underwent abrasive surface blasting from bow to stern on the Syncrolift, while her romp and plates were analysed and inspected. Critical points were blasted out while the whole main deck was replaced as well as 70% of her port side shell plates.
Hangana Seafood Fleet Technical Manager, Christie Sitzer said the ‘Otter Bank’ was also made more maintenance friendly to enhance efficiency and performance, by amongst others a new pulley system, the conversion of all Direct current (DC) generators to Alternating Current (AC) generators, and the implementation of a stand-by system for the winch through a new auxiliary engine 6 cylinder driven by an AC generator.
“The vessel’s fish hold was also redone and all refrigeration and electrical systems were upgraded. The vessel’s stock pond and navigation system also received a new lease on life. The bridge equipment was replaced with the newest technology,” Sitzer said.
An inclination test will be done in the first week of June after which the Otter Bank will set sail for the fishing grounds.

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