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School aims to spread modern teaching techniques

School aims to spread modern teaching techniques

The Gardner Academy Private School, which is an affordable private school, launched its first InspiredED Namibia workshop last week, which is a platform for the Academy to share the Reggio Emilia approach to education in Namibia.
Audrey Taylor-Akwenye, Managing Director of The Academy said the purpose of the workshop is to spread modern and innovative teaching techniques to all sectors of Namibian education.
“InspiredED hopes to foster a learning environment where students are respected, supported and equipped with 21st century skills of problem solving, deductive reasoning as well as interpersonal and intra-personal skills,” she emphasized.
She said that the conference saw 54 delegates from both the public and private educational sectors, delegates from Gobabis, Rundu, Walvis Bay and Windhoek attend the conference.
“We plan to have smaller workshops throughout the year as well as a larger annual conference,” she added.
Tessa Browne, Consultant at Africa Reggio and an advocate for Reggio Emilia philosophy of education was the guest speaker for the conference. She founded the Africa Reggio Emilia Alliance and is one of the national representatives of the Reggio Children International, that believes in the fostering of children’s creativity.
Her work focuses on the provision of Reggio workshops and mentorships for teachers from previously disadvantaged setting.

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