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Help break the habit of smoking

Standard Bank’s Employee Wellness Consultant, Cicile Fouche during the No Tobacco Day held on Tuesday encouraged the public to assist in helping fellow smokers to quit the habit.
In this year’s celebrations, Standard Bank challenged individuals to be the reason someone decides to stop smoking once and for all.
According to Standard Bank, studies showed that once a smoker has decided to quit smoking they are more likely to be successful if they have the help and support of their family.
“There are many ways one can help a friend , family member , colleague , or partner to quit smoking. You can start by encouraging them to quit,make them believe they will be successful,” she the consultant.
“Furthermore, help them set a date to quit. This give them time to prepare mentally for the challenge that lies ahead and make them realise the seriousness of the goal the have to work towards,” Fouche said.
Adding on to that she said, “offering praise and encouragement,regardless of what happens is also essential as a method of helping rather than disheartening them or nagging to much. Try to see things from their perspective and understand your loved one’s fears and doubts but , remain positive and continue encouraging them because its not an easy task.”
She said, there is no time limit to supporting loved one although during the first two weeks they will need more support because it will be hardest.
“Smokers usually relapse within the first three months Support and encouragement is very important at this stage so that they do not give up on their hard work and carry on,” she stressed.
Motivation also plays an important role particularly if your loved one starts behaving unpleasantly and want to give up. Loss of sleep, loss of concentration and anxiety are some effects quitting smoking can have on your partner which may result in their unpleasant behaviour.
“Once you quit, you’ll need new ways to unwind. There are many options. You can exercise to blow off steam , tune in to your favourite music , connect with friends , treat yourself to a massage , or make time for a hobby. Try to avoid stressful situations by all means during the first few weeks after you stopped smoking. This year, be the reason that someone quits,” she concluded.

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