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Woman empowerment movement to be launched

Woman empowerment movement to be launched

Future Females Namibia, a group for existing and aspiring female entrepreneurs with the objective to rapidly accelerate the rate and success of female entrepreneurship will be launched on 16 November at the Wolfshack in Windhoek

Wilmili de Bruin ambassador for Future Females said that with the launch of the movement they aim to remove barriers for females to participate through networking, regulate events and access to resources.

“My objectives is to introduce Future Females with the mission to host monthly events to create a platform within Namibia for female entrepreneurs to connect, network, share skills advise on what topics they want to learn more about and should be presented at future events,” she explained.

De Bruin added that the development of female businesswoman within Namibia is a great passion of hers and she wishes to do as much as she can to grow the movement.

“All our events will be free and we will rely on sponsorship from our members and other supports of the cause to keep us moving forward plus our event will also be open for men who wish to support our cause,” she said.

She advised everyone who is interested to join the movement because the events will also be a great way to market personal companies, get insight and information from the attendees and all the events will be broadcast live on the global Facebook platform, therefore promoting and giving more exposure to the global audience.

“We will have some amazing talented female entrepreneurs as guest speakers at our launch event who will include of myself, Mandy Shemuvalula, author of The Unexpected Journey of Building a Youth Economy for Africa, Alissa Amupolo, female leadership expert, Audrey Akwenye, female entrepreneur, Chasting Bassingwaighte and Stefani Cagnetta both legal advisers for star ups,” she added.

Meanwhile she said online invites are posted on the FutureFemales Facebook page and interested individuals can rsvp online.



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