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Improved uranium yields proven

Testwork on uranium miner, Marenica’s potential game changer, U-pgrade is set to be concluded by July this year. This comes about as it released initial results of a programme currently underway in which it is testing Namibian ore bodies, including that of Deep Yellow and Marenica’s. U-pgrade is an innovative recovery technology that Marenica hopes will drastically reduce its operating costs, helping the entire industry to survive the cycle of depressed uranium prices.
“Marenica Energy Limited is pleased to announce successful interim results from the metallurgical testwork programme currently underway on bulk samples from Deep Yellow Limited’s Tumas Project in Namibia. The tests, which are being managed by Marenica, commenced in January and are on track to be completed by the end of June this year” the Australian uranium miner said in a statement released earlier this week.
“In summary, the tests conducted to date indicate that it is highly likely that a high uranium recovery, low mass, high grade uranium concentrate can be produced from the Tumas resource by incorporating Marenica’s U-pgrade process flowsheet. These results are expected to improve further with optimisation of the process” Marenica believes.
“We are pleased that U-pgrade has again performed above our expectations in this testwork programme focused on Tumas. Marenica shares Deep Yellow’s enthusiasm for the potential of U-pgrade to make a material difference to the economics of their project,” Marenica’s Managing Director Murray Hill said.
Tumas is a suitable opportunity to commercialise the U-pgrade process. Namibia’s supportive legislative environment and the presence of three potential off-takers for a high grade concentrate make it even more attractive. The testwork to date provides both companies with valuable technical information that will be critical input to discussions regarding the terms of a commercialisation agreement between the parties.
Marenica stated it will provide a further detailed announcement after the completion of the testwork programme which is expected to be completed by the end of June this year.

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