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Disabled at sight, very capable at table

Disabled at sight, very capable at table

Have you ever experienced eating in the dark? Now is your chance to do so, by supporting Labonne Table Restaurant and the Namibian Federation of the Visually Impaired (NFVI) on their Blind Dinner Experience on 27 June and 02 July 2016. The Experience aims to raise funds through ticket sales, by creating awareness for the blind and challenging the stereotype that a visually impaired person is not employable. “We will be training 10 visually impaired waiters to guide the visually abled through a night of culinary and sensory experiences,” explained Melanie Schweighardt (fourth from left), organiser of the Blind Dinner Experience while training the blind waitrons who will be serving customers during the Blind Date Experience. (Photograph By Mandisa Rasmeni).

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