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EU to help with Standards Institute

The Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) is collaborating with the ACP EU TBT (Technical Barriers to Trade) Programme to assist the Institute to achieve its strategic objectives in a number of areas.
The project aims to make recommendations for incorporating a new National Quality Policy into a comprehensive National Quality Infrastructure that includes the developing of national standards and the provision of testing, inspection and certification activities for Namibian products and services.
Activities under the project will include the provision of training, attachments of NSI staff to other quality-related institutions, and a range of capacity-building interventions for the NSI Testing Centre and Fishery Inspectorate at Walvis Bay as well as capacity interventions for the NSI Certification staff.
The successful completion of the project will further enhance Namibia’s ability to maintain standards of quality for products and services, including exports of key products such as fish and fishery products to international trading partners, and will raise awareness among SME’s of the benefits of participating in and supporting NSI’s activities.

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