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NUST student receives Certificate of Excellence

NUST student receives Certificate of Excellence

PRISA has awarded a Certificate of Excellence to a final year student, Ms. Mhani Hilja Nangombe who is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communication Technology at the Namibia University of Science and Technology.
Ms Nangombe was the overall recipient of the PRISA Namibia’s Certificate of Excellence Award on 26 April 2016 during the NUST’s Annual Merit Award ceremony. She was the overall best performer in Corporate Communication and Public Relations.
“Thank you so much for the honour. I’m very excited and looking forward to be part of the PRISA team,” said Ms. Nangombe.
PRISA Namibia’s prestigious award is sponsored annually to the best student in Public Relations at partner tertiary institutions in Namibia, with the intention to, inter alia, build relationships with academic institutions and students, evoke interest in public relations among students and reward best performance.
Our mission is to ensure that Namibia’s corporate communications executives, government spokespersons and public relations professionals provide communication leadership. For this dream to be realized we need to strategically provide the necessary tools that build understanding and confidence among our diverse stakeholders, including students.
“There is an untapped membership market of students out there and if we are to professionalize public relations in the country, we need to invest in the future leaders. In line with our key strategic initiatives, we are hatching eggs around activating Student Chapters in tertiary institutions and breeding well informed leaders in the PR industry,” says Rhingo Mutambo, Chairperson of PRISA Namibia.

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