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Dutchman tells Breweries their beer is good

Dutchman tells Breweries their beer is good

The German Reinheitsgebot is the underlying principle that guides the production of all beers at Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL), the listed company that is best known for the consistent quality of its products. Emphasising their commitment to the Reinheitsgebot, the local brewer recently celebrated the code’s 500th anniversary in great style. At this event, a visiting academic, Tygo van der Hoog was the first-ever recipient of the honourary title “Brewer of Honour.”
According to Christian Müller, NBL’s Head Brewer, the title ‘Brewer of Honour’ is similar or comparable to an honorary doctorate. “It means that the person, who is not a brewer by profession has performed outstanding contributions and achievements for or in connection with Namibia Breweries. The typical brewer of honour is not necessarily a member or employee of NBL. The title is also not associated to any financial reward, but is a statement of recognition and status earned for extraordinary performance” said Müller.
“Tycho did outstanding research work on the history of beer in Namibia. This includes in detail the historical development of NBL over the years, and its relationship with The Reinheitsgebot. Tycho presented findings which contribute immeasurably to the appreciation of the rich history of Namibian beer.”
He was a highlight at the official birthday celebration of the Reinheitsgebot 500-year anniversary when he shared his findings on the history of Namibian beer with invited guests. “I am interested in dynamic economic markets and my study centre advised me to look into the African beer market, because a major part of the population drinks beer and has been doing so for hundreds, if not thousands of years” he said adding that he started reading up on Namibian history and became fascinated by this unique country.
Van der Hoog will continue with his two-year research project on the history of beer and has just returned to Namibia for a further six weeks of field work.

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