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INFINOX Capital eyes Namibian market through online CFD trading app

INFINOX Capital eyes Namibian market through online CFD trading app

“For any financial institution, Africa is the place to be,” said Jay Mawji, Managing Director of INFINOX Capital, an online CFD trading broker who has been expanding its sphere of operations systematically since 2009.

This week, INFINOX announced its intention to start scouting for Namibian clients commensurate with entry into other African markets notably Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania and Ghana. The trading company recently also launched in Nigeria.

The availability of technology to almost every person has seen a major shift in the future plans of many financial service providers. “There is a strong drive to bridge the knowledge and accessibility gaps between bankers in major global financial hubs and the everyday person on their mobile device,” said Mawji adding that already there may be as many as 1.3 million traders across the continent according to surveys done in South Africa.

With so many traders and with so many potential clients that can be reached and served via their mobile devices, Mawji believes trading as a means of generating profits will experience a surge in popularity as more people start realising the benefits of investing in CFD and similar trading commodities.

“We have observed that the African markets we are expanding into are already seeing a significant increase in potential investors showing an interest in trading stocks and other products by downloading various industry-related apps, and being more financially-savvy,” he said.

“This is driven by the country’s technological accessibility, having the appropriate infrastructure in place, and the right skillset of the people utilising the various platform solutions.”

“We have launched our app to make trading even more accessible in regions across Africa. Comparable to Instagram for trading, it provides clients with the interactive functionality to social trade, see what other traders are doing, and follow and engage with them,” he said adding that INFINOX Capital offers clients on-the-ground support in each market to maximise operations from regional offices on the continent.

“Our commitment of being a real organisation run by real people with on-the-ground presence lends to our principle of employee retention and growth,” he said. “Our intention as an employer is to positively impact the lives of our employees across all regions by seeing them succeed and change their lives for the better.”

“While it’s great to have an online presence and an app, the process still involves client’s money meaning that many may be apprehensive to invest and transact with a faceless organisation. INFINOX Capital, while a large firm, acts as a small organisation, and it is for this reason that the interactive experience with local representation is important, adding a sense of trust, comfort, personal touch and support for clients.”


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