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Geka Pharma joins fight against cancer

Geka Pharma joins fight against cancer

Geka Pharma donated N$100,000 to the Children Fighting Cancer in Namibia (CHICA) fund of the Cancer Association of Namibia earlier this week.
The donation will go towards the fund supporting Children Fighting Cancer in Namibia (CHICA), and is earmarked specifically for less-fortunate young Namibians, who need nappies, nutritional supplements, and food and formula milk products.
“The children are our future and we must invest in their fight against cancer. Where we can possibly save a life, we must aspire to do so!” said Kobus Prins, Marketing Director of Geka Pharma, during the hand-over ceremony..
Rolf Hansen, CEO of CAN on receipt of the donation by Geka Pharma, said, “We see an ever escalating number of childhood forms of cancer being diagnosed, but with the support of the Namibian community, we (CAN) remain committed to help these young patients recover, become strong and win the battle against cancer.”
The Children Fighting Cancer in Namibia (CHICA) is the children’s focus wing that resides under the umbrella of the Cancer Association of Namibia.
Cancer in children can occur anywhere in the body, including the blood and lymph node system, brain and nervous system, eyes, muscles, liver, kidneys, bone/skeletal structure as most prevalent examples. Each cancer has its own severity depending on many factors such as the patient child age and gender and stage of diagnoses.
CHICA was formed to foster increased public awareness and bring knowledge of childhood cancer warning signs to the general public. The wing also tries to support by offering emotional and financial support to enhance the quality of life of cancer patients and their families.

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