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Ghaub Lodge gets new owners

Ghaub Lodge gets new owners

The Farm Ghaub and the lodge in the Otavi Mountains will now be run by the new owners, Joachim and Caroline Rust. The couple who already built up a reputation, also own the private nature reserve Waterberg Wilderness and the Ondekaremba Lodge (at the airport).
Ghaub is well-known for its stalactite cave, the third largest cave Namibia, which guests can explore on a guided tour. Quite remarkable for Namibia is also the cultivation of maize, which is shown together with the cattle on a farm tour.
The nature reserve of Ghaub is rich in game (eland, hartebeest, blesbock). In the course of the transition another attraction was added: The new owners reintroduced five white rhinos, which can be spotted on a nature drive or at the waterhole near the lodge. Guests are welcome to explore the appealing mountain scenery on walking trails.
“Ghaub has several security measures in place to protect the rhinos, one of which is a special “rhino patrol” checking on the animals on a daily basis,” added Sven-Eric Stender, Marketing and PR for the lodges. Furthermore Stender said changes apart from the introduction of the rhinos, “we did not change much that guests could notice or react upon”.
“At the moment we are busy upgrading internet reception in order to offer free WLAN for guests in due course.,” he said.
However, from the tourism industry Stender said they received a lot of positive feedback – due to the good reputation they built up with Waterberg Wilderness and Ondekaremba.
In the meantime Ghaub still charms its visitors by its historic atmosphere. Guests rave about the spacious garden with its ancient trees and large lawns. The lodge has 10 spacious double rooms with high ceilings, bathroom, lounge (minibar) and terrace. For campers, there are three parking spaces with lawn, own shower/toilet, sink, socket, table and barbecue.
Currently, operations at Ghaub Lodge continues as usual.

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