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Cancer detection for lodge employees

Cancer detection for lodge employees

Lodge operator Gondwana Collections, announced this week that staff from the Cancer Association of Namibia will conduct a country-wide tour of its lodges during April as part of a partnership to promote the health and fitness of lodge employees. The cancer screening and awareness campaign will also be extended to communities living near the lodges.
The first campaign and cancer screening will be at Namushasha River Lodge on 04 and 05 April 2016, involving the community of the Mashi Conservancy as well as the residents of Katima Mulilo. The second campaign is on the 06 and 07 April at Hakusembe River Lodge and in nearby Rundu. The Cancer Association team then leaves the north, heading for the Canyon Roadhouse, Canyon Lodge and Canyon Village where the campaign is scheduled for 10 to 12 April. The final phase will cover the communities of Keetmanshoop and Lüderitz.
“Gondwana promotes healthy lifestyles among its staff and as part of that supports the work of the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN). A professional CAN team will tour the country this year and visit our lodges to do examinations at the lodges as well as nearby villages and settlements” the lodge operator said in a statement announcing the campaign.
“A third of cancer types can be prevented, especially cervical [can be] cured effectively if early detected. We applaud Gondwana and our other partners in taking in the call to arms to help fight cancer. Together we can beat cancer” said the Chief Executive of the association, Rolf Hansen.
The Cancer Association is partnered by First National Bank of Namibia and Sanlam Namibia as the main sponsors of the medical check-ups and screening.

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