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Namibia joins Yellow Fever fight

Namibia joins Yellow Fever fight

The Ministry of Health and Social Services of Namibia handed over a donation of medical supplies valued at approximately N$180 000 to the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation for shipment and handing over to the health authorities in the Republic of Angola, to help with the outbreak of Yellow Fever in that country.
Honourable Maureen Hinda, Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation said, on behalf of Honourable Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, that it is appropriate for Namibia to be among the first to give a helping hand when the people of Angola are faced with a crisis of this nature. “Angola has sacrificed tremendously for the people of this country and it is only befitting that we remain an all weather friend to the people of Angola,” she added.
She added that an outbreak of the Yellow Fever poses a potential health crisis and should be contained immediately and it calls for speedy humanitarian assistance as diseases do not respect borders.
“What is today an Angolan crisis could easily be a Namibian crisis, an injury to Angola is an injury to Namibia,” she emphasised.
She furthermore commended the government of Angola for the vaccination campaign which was embarked upon and through which it was possible to reach many districts and a large part of the population.
“I receive the medical supplies for handover to the Angolan government in the hope that this will assist in combating the spread of the disease and prevent further loss of life,” she said.
“Allow me to express Namibia’s most heartfelt condolences on lives lost thus far and our assurance of continued support in your efforts to combat and contain the outbreak,” she concluded.
The Ministry received 100 000 units of syringes, 10 000 units of paracetamol tablets for adults and 5 000 units of paracetamol syrup for children.

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