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Bazuin Vice Chairman of SADC bourses

Bazuin Vice Chairman of SADC bourses

The Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) hosted the 49th meeting of the Committee of SADC Stock Exchanges officially opened by the Deputy Minister of Finance, Hon Natangwe Ithete at the Safari Hotel in Windhoek last week. The Stock Exchanges represented by their CEOs or executive management are Botswana Stock Exchange, Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Malawi Stock Exchange, Mozambique Stock Exchange, Stock Exchange of Mauritius, Swaziland Stock Exchange, Maseru Securities Market of Lesotho and Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. At the occasion Ms Zeona Jacobs from the JSE were voted new Chairman and Mr Tiaan Bazuin (front row, second from left) from the NSX as Vice Chairman respectively.

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