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Zambezi Magic claims no content from Namibia

Launched with much fanfare in September 2015, DStv’s Zambezi Magic channel excitedly announced that it would create a platform for local production companies in southern Africa excluding South Africa, to air their content.
Almost 6 months on, Zambezi Magic has made the claim that producers in the region have not submitted any material. All the while the channel still airs content of South African programmes from as early as 1998.
Addressing filmmakers in the capital recently, Zambezi Magic Channel Head, Addiel Dzinoreva said that no material had been received, despite the call for local material.
“We have not received any material or content from Namibian filmmakers, scriptwriters and producers ever since we launched the Zambezi Magic Channel last year in July.”
He added that they have only received a couple of music videos which they regularly play, but they need more content from Namibia.
“Since our slogan is ‘Sharing our stories’, we want you to submit content that tell your stories, which the Namibian audiences can relate to, especially in your own languages which makes it more authentic and most importantly focus on your Namibian audiences and make them want to watch your productions,” he emphasised.
Scriptwriters at the Q&A session after Dzinoreva’s appeal dismissed his claim telling him that when the Channel requested scripts they submitted their scripts but nobody at the Channel confirmed if they received the scripts or even bothered to tell if their scripts had been rejected or accepted. Responding to the claim, Dzinoreva said, “we normally take three months to respond to participants and therefore I really do not know why you did not get responses from us, but I will definitely look in to it.”
Selma Kaulinge, Public Relations Officer at MultiChoice Namibia said that since the Q&A session content has been handed in by Namibian filmmakers, scriptwriters and producers.
“The creatives that were at the Q&A brought their content along with them and gave them to Dzinoreva that very same day. I would estimate approximately five handed in their work so far,” she confirmed.
Florence Haifene, Executive Secretary of the Namibia Film Commission said that it was a very good opportunity for Namibian filmmakers, scriptwriters and producers to get more exposure and encouraged the filmmakers to make the best of the opportunity.
“In future we would love to work with Zambezi Magic and to help creatives in the country produce good quality work,” she emphasised. She also invited creatives to go to the Film Commission with their work and ideas so that they can work together and get support to tell Namibian stories.

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