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Oshakati town council to revamp roads

Recent floods in northern Namibia has caused tremendous damage to roads. Roads in especially Oshakati, has deep potholes resulting in many accidents.
According to the Oshakati Town Council, many roads underwent extensive repairs while others are still being repaired.
Jackson Muma, public relations officer of the Oshakati Town Council, says that plans are underway to upgrade roads damaged by flooding.
He said that the council has already repaired the Sam Nujoma Road while potholes in the western bypass are still being re-filled.
“We are busy upgrading the roads as we are speaking, the council is nearing the end of the financial year but we are operating on the minimum amount left to upgrade the roads,” said Muma.
“We have used up most of the money which was allocated for road construction and upgrading for the 2011/2012 financial year,” Muma told the Economist during a telephonic interview.
The 2012/2013 financial year starts in July and the town council is expected to allocate more funds for the upgrade and construction of roads.
Muma said that the construction of the Unam Shali Road is entering the second phase  whereby the road will be tarred. The access road from Spar to Bank Windhoek will also be tarred.
The road leading to the Oshakati West Primary School which is currently inaccessible will also be upgraded.
Muma said that there are also various other projects that the town council will embark on such as   interlocking sidewalks. He added that these are plans in place to eliminate damage caused by floods.
Muma concluded that one of council’s biggest challenges is draining flood water and it plans to construct a tunnel that will allow water, that would normally be at a standstill, to run off.

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