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Cohen 1 and SKW 2 collect maximum points

Cohen 1 and SKW 2 collect maximum points

Cohen fist-ball club 1 and SKW 2 won all their matches in their respective league divisions, during the first encounter of the Bank Windhoek national league.
The first league round of the Fistball League took place at the Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC) sports grounds over the weekend. The first team easily advanced to a quick 3:0 set margin.
However in the 4th set the second team from the blue whites find into the match forcing Cohen 1 to errors.
As the game progressed Cohen 2 proved that they are a force to be reckoned with as their spiker Fritz Röthel pressured the defence successfully. However, Cohen 1 managed to get the better off the sets and won in the end with 5:1, while Cohen 2 played against SKW 1 which proved to be too strong for them.
SKW played effectively and comfortably and won the match with 5:1. In the clash of the titans match between the title holder SKW 1 and the Opening tournament victors Cohen,1 the blue and whites took SKW by surprise in the first set only conceding their first point after an 8:0 lead. They won that set comfortably as well as two sets after that.
With SKW bringing on the ex-national player Christoph Kubirske, new tension was created. The defence of Cohen 1 was unable to return his spikes and SKW won the 4th set cutting the score to 3:1.
Although the defence of SKW 1 with Marc-Andre Witte, Stephan Zimny and Oliver Lerch were pretty solid they could not counter the powerful spikes of Tristan Minz and Rico-Kühnle Kreitz. Cohen finished the game with a deserving 5:1 victory.
The most intense match in the national league B was fought out between SFC and SKW 2. SFC made too many unforced errors that resulted in SKW taking the lead by 3:0 sets. However, SFC showed great character and clinched back three sets to make the score even.
The 7th and final set had to bring the decision. SFC lost some vital points early on in that set so that they could not come back anymore. SKW 2 won 4:3. SFC managed besides the energetic performance to win against the defending champions Cohen 3. Cohen 3 also lost to SKW 3 which leaves them in an unusual 3rd place in the log. DTS won their match against Cohen 4 after about 8 months.
The player of the day trophy was awarded to Claudia Schlettwein from SKW 2 and Marius Rohloff from SFC. After 21 years of fistball in Namibia, team Cohen 1 recently managed to win the opening tournament in the A category of the Bank Windhoek Fistball Championship at the SKW sports grounds. The next league round will be hosted by Cohen Fistball Club on 16 April.

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