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Councillors splash cash to prop up small businesses in Katutura’s Moses Garoeb

Councillors splash cash to prop up small businesses in Katutura’s Moses Garoeb

By David Adetona.

The Chairperson of the Khomas Regional Council, Hon John Moonde officially presented equipment and material to about 20 entrepreneurs in the Moses Garoeb Constituency as part of the council’s initiatives to support sustainable self-employment, and through these small entrepreneurs, to create more jobs in the local community.

Among the entrepreneurs supported are welders, panelbeaters, carpenters, joiners, tailors, butchers, bakers, caterers, fast food outlets, fresh fish and meat retailers, and beauty and hair salons.

The items include a chest freezer, a fridge, baking trays, stoves, chip cutters, sewing machines, microwave ovens, cookware sets, welding tools, dining chairs with tables and other items to help the small business owners expand their micro-businesses and attract more customers.

Presenting the items to the beneficiaries, the chairperson said that the smallest project received N$10,000 while the largest received N$20,000 for buying material or equipment to assist the entrepreneurs of income-generating projects in the Constituency.

The chairperson explained that the application forms were distributed to local residents, but due to the large number of applicants, the officials of the Council conducted project visitations and appraisals in accordance with programme guidelines to identify the viable projects and make recommendations to the Constituency Development Committee. Upon completion of the sifting process, some twenty projects were approved to benefit from the Income Generating Activities Grant.

Furthermore, the chairperson emphasized that the Council and its constituencies annually award grants to established income generating community projects in the form of materials or equipment to help their small businesses grow and to support the entrepreneurial spirit.

“The grant encourages community members to embark on economically viable projects that could be sustained in the long run. Since its inception, the programme has contributed immensely to the reduction of poverty and increasing employment in the constituencies,” said Moonde.

The beneficiaries in the Moses Garoeb Constituency promised to take good care of the valuable items and keep them in a good condition so that these can be used for the intended purpose of supporting small businesses so that they in turn, can employ more local residents.

The Chairperson of the Khomas Regional Council, Hon John Moonde (third from left) with the grateful beneficiaries at the recent handing over of equipment to the self-employed and entrepreneurs in the Moses Garoeb Constituency. (Photograph by David Adetona)


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