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Is the government ready for big babies?

Is the government ready for big babies?
By Donald Matthys

By Donald Matthys
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Imagine a fifty-year-old in a diaper with a baby pacifier in the mouth. A big baby. Ugly picture, right? Government is discussing the possibility of an early retirement for civil servants and to me this is just like when weird-looking teenagers actually get out of their houses, stand in the streets doing strange things, because twitter is down. It’s a problem. Bored people can cause problems.
Unemployment in our country is mostly among the youth. The unemployed youth is a force to reckon with. That being so, is the government ready for seniors throwing tantrums because of late/half pension payments? The GIPF will be faced with a predicament, because dealing with so many people will be a very big problem, causing conflicts and what not.
They can’t handle the ‘struggle kids’ how on earth will they be able to handle experienced and bored 50 year old’s? Cool, some long-term wage bills will be cut, but please let’s be reasonable. Considering most jobs are offered by government, there will be too much nagging about unemployment. I am sure nobody wants to read a headline “Unemployed senior citizens strike”. Such a headline is just not right. A few years back, my response to this would have been, ‘oh thank Neptune. Let the old people go sit at home so we young people work for government’. Fortunately, I have realised this country’s economic and social status is at stake.
Also, imagine some old guy, who used to be an expert at his job, sitting at a bar in Eveline street with this young girl, squandering his pension money. If his money is finished, this man cries to his mother (the government) for more milk (money) and makes up all sorts of complaints. Meanwhile, this same guy is replaced by some inexperienced youngster, adding dead weight to the already inefficient public service.
I think Mr. President wants to stroll in his Namibian house someday and look at all the kids that work for him and cuddle them. It’s all sweet and cute until the house falls apart and big babies start crying. Too much to take care of. Diapers need to be changed, bodies needs to be washed, bottles must be prepared – am I the only one who sees how much work there needs to be done once this suggestion becomes law? My dear government, don’t sit there and brood. Instead of solving a problem, you are creating a problem on top of another.
Cutting cost is a very wise decision but the approach you are using is not well thought through. Also, I am not really impressed with the ever-increasing government positions. Wait, why do I get the feeling some ‘pity-us-please’ thing wants to roll-out? As much as I believe in coincidences, the events of late are just too much of a coincidence, as if carefully contrived: Government announces it is going to build a parliament building of about N$700 million, the nation stood against it. Is this why our dear lawmakers decided to hold the 2016 Parliament opening in a hot tent, just to get the country to say, “Shame, let them just build this new parliament”?
No, Mr. President, we are not that shallow. Consider cutting expenses by starting with your own subjects, your office included. Forgive me for being skeptical about this whole issue. Unless government feels like being in a predicament later, they will open their minds now and do what is right for the country.

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