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Loud complaints

Loud complaints

Oslen Kahiriri, activist, politician and former member of the NEFF political party, said that the President does not understand that he is in office for the people and not for the leaders. “He should not be wining and dinning his friends, flying all over the world in his private jet. What is he looking for that he can not find in Namibia?” he asked. “He is in trouble, he raised the bar to high for himself, and now he can not fulfil his promises. Is he even trying? He is his own enemy,” said Kahiriri.
He explained his views saying it is based on his frustration and disappointment that in 26 years, Namibians are not economically emancipated, adding that in his mind, elected people are only honest with the thieves. “It is all hypocrisy, the people that talk the truth are being crucified and the thieves are elected to office.
As long as you agree with what the crowd says or can be bought, you will be favoured amongst the elites. They isolate real politicians who want to chance things and make a difference because they are threatened, but they should rather keep that person close to them because that person can build them and they can learn from that person” he emphasised.
He also claimed that he has been offered money before to join the crowd and to keep quiet, but he refused because he will not do that to the cause. “I am here to stand up against injustice, not for money. I am already rich in my heart and one of the mistakes that we should stop making is trusting thieves to take over office. But when the money disappears we are shocked. What were you expecting” he asks rhetorically adding that he loves his country and wants the system to change to better all lives.
He advised young Namibians to get involved in issues affecting them and to read the Constitution. “Read the constitution like you are reading a newspaper, everyday, read and understand your rights, which is the only way we can solve our problems together,” he advised. “People should go to the Legal Assistant Centre and the Ministry of Justice to get a copy of the Constitution, which is available in every language, to know their rights” he stated.
“People must understand that the President is not a politician but an administrator. He is ignoring the issues and just showing off, but I love him so much that I pray for him not to fail and that God must open his eyes that he can start listening to the masses,” he said intensely. “At this moment the President is not listening to the people because he is concentrating on the 2017 Congress.”
“But as a movement we also plan on having an unemployment march, which we are planning carefully,” he said stating that this march “will show the country that the statistics that are shown to us are not true, and hopefully with this march we can start a revolution.”
He asked the Namibian people how they have faith in people who have no interest in them, people who fight the people who put them there, people who have no principles, people who are ready to kill you, financially, emotionally and physically. “We should not be soft on this people, and we must understand their agenda”, he concluded.

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