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M+Z Motors joins fight against poachers

M+Z Motors joins fight against poachers

M+Z Motors joined in the fight to save and protect the the desert-adapted black rhino, when they recently sponsored the Save-the-Rhino Trust (SRT) with a fully branded, brand new
Jeep Wrangler – Conservation Edition that was suitable for the requirements.
In 2014 M+Z Motors approached Save the Rhino Trust to enquire the possibility of assisting them with a vehicle to aid in their critical cause to protect the desert-adapted black rhino.
Save the Rhino Trust felt the need for an administrative but flexible vehicle that will assist the CEO and Administrative Office in fundraising as well as travelling to the field bases in Kunene.
Keeping to their promise that the vehicle will be exchanged on a yearly basis, M+Z Motors handed over a 2016 year model Jeep Wrangler to Save the Rhino Trust at their Walvis Bay branch to SRT CEO, Simson Uri-Khob.
M+Z Motors is the first motor vehicle company to donate a vehicle to SRT for administrative duties as all other vehicles are sponsored for the main purpose to be utilized in the field patrolling and monitoring our precious rhino.
“We would like to applaud them for identifying the need and taking a strong lead in their Corporate Social Responsibility Policy by assisting us to successfully execute our administrative duties which contributes hugely to the one goal we all have in common, which is protecting our critically endangered desert-adapted black rhino,” said Uri-Khob.

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