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New manual helps spot cancer early

New manual helps spot cancer early

World Cancer Day, commemorated this week Thursday, served as platform for the Cancer Association to launch the 2016 – 2018 Cancer Awareness and Prevention Manual. The manual was compiled under the guidance of the Union for International Cancer Control. The Namibian manual forms part of the Union’s World Cancer Prevention campaign.
Cancer Association CEO, Rolf Hansen said “The aim is to put cancer on the global agenda and to scale up awareness of the fight against the disease, which in many countries still takes a back seat to other public health issues.”
“We believe that the first step in driving the progress around cancer is to push for actions that we know will improve survival rates and give cancer patients a better quality of life. By working together around common targets and using our own influences and offering our volunteer time and services we can unite to make the fight against cancer stronger” he said.
Explaining the rationale behind the new manual, Hansen said “We believe that by equipping individuals and communities all over the country with appropriate and adequate knowledge of the links between lifestyle and cancer can help empower people to adopt healthier lifestyles. Individuals and communities need to be informed that more than one third of cancers can be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyles.”
Diagnosing cancer isn’t always easy – not all cancers show early signs and symptoms and other warnings signs can appear quite late when the cancer is unfortunately already at an advanced stage. However, increasing awareness of signs and symptoms and the importance of timely treatment has been shown to improve survival from cancer. “We need to educate our nation and become aware of our bodies to save lives!”

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