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The aim is not to give up

The aim is not to give up
By Mandisa Rasmeni

By Mandisa Rasmeni
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Everybody wants to succeed in life, but there are a lot of obsticles preventing that, you might even be standing in your own way. This is so true in my case, I can be my worse enermy, by not believing in myself and being fearful.
But I am trying not to stand in my own way to achieve the success I want to obtain in life and it is difficult and it is a long process. I envy people who have already mastered this process, because problems will always be there, but the difference is how you deal with these problems. And this can easily lead your life in the direction you want it to be or further away from it.
Life coaches and motivational speakers always say that we should learn from our mistakes, but I still haven’t mastered this yet, I am a work in progress, I tell you. This life coaches and motivational speakers also often mention that every individual should run their own race and not compare themselves to others. I get that, it is crystal clear to me, but sometimes I get so disheartened when I see my peer or individuals younger than me, who have achieved or are doing better than me. But this is one of the things that I have managed to get over and take a positive spin on it.
I clap my hand for all the achievers, young and old, Kudos to you! I am a work in progress and will do everything that will propel me closer to my dreams and success.
Success to me is not only about material things, as long as I am comfortable and do not need much, I’m cool. I just want that famous ‘Aha’ moment that Oprah always talks about to happen to me. When life starts to make sense, where your mind, body and spirit are entwined and nothing can keep you down.
I wonder sometimes, If the “Aha” moment is supposed to happen to everyone? Maybe some individuals are not supposed to experience it, no matter how much they try. We have all read the saying, ‘it all starts within or if you can dream it you can do it’, etc, all those nice cliches that are there to motivate.
If I am to achieve all my dreams I must first work with the person inside. It does not help make sense to have all the material thing that you’ve ever wished for but at the end of the day you are not happy and you can’t sleep at night. But there are skeptics who say that “it is better to be sad driving a Porsche, than cry ridding a bicycle”, so it all comes back to the individual.
I will not give up on this process of achieving my dreams, I might slip and fall, and if I cannot stand up by myself, hopefully I am surrounded by people who can help me through this process of bettering my life.
If not, I know Oprah and Iyanla will help me get through the worst of the worst that I may be going through. They have always been there for me and they have never disappointed me.
The aim is not to give up!

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