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Exchange students off to Germany

Exchange students off to Germany

Representatives of the Association of German School Societies in Namibia (AGDS) and the Ambassador of Germany, Christian Schlaga, bid farewell to a group of 23 pupils from different schools in Namibia last week. The group of pupils embarked on a student exchange to Germany during the summer holidays.
The Namibian Association, together with the Association for German Cultural Relations Abroad (VDA), has been organising a ten-to-twelve-week stay for the youth in Germany for many years. The 23 ambitious learners of the German language at school, will be accommodated in German families and attend their partner children´s schools for the duration of their stay. The students will not only experience and live German daily-life but will also show Namibian culture and way of life to their German friends and other people.
Ambassador Schlaga wished the young ‘Namibian Ambassadors’ an interesting and exciting stay in Germany. The pupils also look forward to the exchange with joy and excitement. Anwar Majiet, (16) from DHPS, is looking forward to Germany since he loves the culture and language and wants to make new friends.
In return, guest children from Germany will visit Namibia during their summer vacation to get to know Namibia and its people. The student exchange has been financially and logistically supported by the German Embassy for many years.
This year’s student exchange was financially supported by the embassy to the tune of more than N$80,000. This especially supports the participation of youth whose parents would not be able to afford the exchange otherwise.

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