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Wantoffer launches buy and sell: Dedicated website for online shopping

Wantoffer launches buy and sell: Dedicated website for online shopping

Yes folks, you read it right! Namibia is finally getting a proper website where you can shop online. This means that you will not have to wait weeks before your products from Amazon arrive, and pay shipping and customs taxes, or bother your friends from South Africa to take your orders from their online shopping websites and then send them to you.
Until now, Namibians did not have many options when it comes to quality online shops. Those that exist are not offering a wide offering of quality products. An offer of just a few hundred products is not how online shopping works in the rest of the world.
So what choice do Namibians who want to shop online have? They can settle for the poor offers from the few online shops in Namibia, or they can order from SA shops that actually deliver to Namibia (most of them don’t). They can also order from American websites, but then they have to pay double the price, due to shipping costs and customs taxes. Basically, online shopping in Namibia hasn’t seen its glory days yet. Luckily, that is about to change, thanks to Wantoffer.
What is Wantoffer exactly? This is an online marketplace that gives Namibian companies an opportunity to offer their products online. The best part is that the companies can list their products for free, and when a product gets sold, they pay a small commission to the website.
The site is not limited to Namibian companies only. Wantoffer can also import more than 150,000 products from all over the planet, and works with dropship suppliers in the USA, Israel, Germany, Spain, Italy and China. This means that the site does not have its own warehouses for storing the products, but it orders the products from the suppliers when the customers order from the website.
This way, Wantoffer allows the retail companies to widen their offer of products, because this way they don’t have to order all the possible products that their suppliers have in their catalogues, and stuff their warehouses with the hope that products will sell. Basically, they can list from 50,000 to 500,000 products, free of charge, and simply order them from suppliers, once they receive the order from Wantoffer. A brilliant way to save money on transport and warehouse costs.
This is great news for people who want to shop online from a locality in Namibia, but it also is a great chance for Namibian retailers, wholesalers, distributors and traders, to upgrade their ways of selling and become online retailers, without building an online shop of their own.
When it comes to payment, Wantoffer uses a payment gateway, which allows the customers to pay by Visa and Mastercard in a secure environment. The site also accepts traditional EFT’s, which you can process on your own banking profile. Furthermore, in the near future, Wantoffer will also allow mobile payment.
Now the most interesting part, the product categories. Wantoffer has categories like Electronics, Fashion, Furniture, Household Goods, Phones, Tablets, Gadgets, Gifts, Outdoors Gear and plenty more. The interesting fact is that the site will pretty soon offer Gift Cards, and widen their offer with food and fastfood categories.
Generally, with the advanced online and system integration, Wantoffer can accommodate smaller companies with 5 to 10 products on offer, as well as big companies with more than 30,000 products, to find their place on the site, expand their business, and allow eCommerce in Namibia to develop.
When it comes to delivery, the NamPost and TNX parcel delivery network is actually well developed. There are also many local couriers that are delivering parcels to many big and small towns. Usually, Namibian retailers have a contract with a courier company that delivers throughout the country, and they will use them for the delivery of online orders.
The products that orders from their international suppliers are delivered by standard registered parcel post to Windhoek, and from there, the Wantoffer’s team sends the package to the customer. However, this process is a bit slower, and delivery time goes from 10 to 60 days. But, the site also offers a faster option, with couriers like Fedex or DHL, which shortens the delivery of international products to 5-7 days.
Well the online shopping days in Namibia are about to get sunny weather 24/7. The only thing left to do is to browse through the site’s categories, find something that you like and press buy. Happy shopping!

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