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Nissan gets in on health

Nissan gets in on health

Pupkewitz Nissan last week completed a complicated contract when they supplied the Ministry of Health and Social Services with five fully furnished ambulances based on the Nissan NV350 panel van.
“Taking your business places”, the slogan that expresses the essence of the Nissan NV350 Panel Van, certainly measured up with this exceptional delivery to the Ministry of Health and Social Services. “Today we are thrilled to deliver five fully equipped ambulances, ready for their first rescue.” said Armand Barnard, Dealer Principal at Pupkewitz Nissan. The ambulances were built by Bus Builders and sponsored by the Global Fund.
The Ministry of Health is set to purchase a certain amount of vehicles that should be converted to fully equipped ambulances within the following two years. Pupkewitz Nissan will henceforth supply all required unit until 2017.
“It is certainly a pleasure to announce that the first five ambulance conversion and fitment, sponsored by the Global Fund, was completed over twelve weeks. However, in the near future, Bus Builders will ensure that at least one ambulance can be completed within four days” Barnard assured.
“The Nissan NV350 Panel Van has a much higher ground clearance compared to its closest competitor. This makes it the best choice considering all the gravel roads in our country. Not to mention the affordability on the maintenance vehicle. The Nissan NV350 service interval is only every 15,000km, plus a 3 Years/100,000km warranty. This makes the Nissan NV350 Panel Van your best choice for any form of business. Clearly, there are no limitations.” said Rayno Keys, Senior Fleet Sales Consultant at Pupkewitz Nissan.

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