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Audience get jazzed up at music festival

Audience get jazzed up at music festival

With bliss and excitement, the crowd at the Windhoek Jazz Festival were serenaded by acts from Namibian and South African artists at last weekend’s event which took place at the Hage Geingob Stadium.
The Economist asked some of the people who were in attendance at the Festival and a majority of them enjoyed it thoroughly and did not regret buying tickets. “ Every one just come out to enjoy themselves and have fun, and the festival did not disappoint,” said an exited fan.
Opening the festival was Zenzo a local artist, who took the crowd down memory lane by singing songs from legends such as Jackson Kaujeua, which the audience thoroughly enjoyed. While FU JAZZ mixed their performance with African and modern beats bringing the crowd to their feet. Dixon got the crowed even more hyped up with his energy and interaction with the audience, heating up the stage for Sean K and Lize Ehlers. Who did not disappoint.
With her sexy vocals and dramatic stunts on stage, Lize Ehlers gave a world class performance, making the crowd jive and sing along to her beats.
When the first international act, Hip Hop Pantsula got on stage, the crowd were already ready for him, waiting in anticipation for his performance. And he did not disappoint at all, because people were sceptical if he would be able to perform at a Jazz Festival.
The South African artist proved the critics wrong and wowed the crowed. He managed to get almost everyone up on their feet with his energy on stage.
Another South African artist, Jonathan Butler was the icing on the cake, even though most of his songs were unknown to the younger generation, he still made an instant impression and a hit. Butler took the crowd even higher, and I thought they had come to their climax already, but they got even louder and excited while Butler performed.
Meanwhile those who attended the show all agreed that the security at the event was closely monitored as no incidences of theft or disturbances was reported.

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