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Erongo capital not likely to move

Member of Parliament Honourable Usutuaije Maamberua of SWANU recently made a proposal to change the regional capital of the Erongo Region of Swakopmund to one of the smaller towns like Usakos, Karibib or Ommaruru.

The Honourable stated that by doing this, the smaller towns will develop more, grow economically and services will reach the majority of the people living in the region. “Swakopmund, is too far from the majority of people living in the Erongo Region and most poor people have difficulties accessing public services which are available,” he added.
Chief Whip Honourable Salomon Fleermuis of the Workers Revolution Party has another view on the issue and he informed the Economist that there is no need to move the regional capital of the Erongo Region, rather the Decentralization Policy should be implemented in all regions to help with development and economical growth in smaller towns. “That is why the Policy is there, officials should just do their work,” he emphasised.
But he added that, should the regional capital of Erongo Region be moved, it should be moved to Khorixas, even though Khorixas has been moved to the Kunene Region. He explained that Khorixas is more central than the other towns.
Honourable Maamberua, added that this should be done in all the regions, so that people can have means to sustain themselves in their home towns and not to be forced to move to greener pastures. “I also advice the government to have more vocational training schools in the regions, because skills will be developed in people’s own environments to build the economy, and I reiterate that this will minimize urban migration,” he advised.
Since SWANU released the statement, there has been no response from the government.

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