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Namibia has the best junior chefs

Junior chefs raise the Namibian flag.

After four hours of cooking, with blind judging, the Namibian team won the award for junior chefs of Africa in a World Associaton of Chef Societies accredited competition.

Sanet Prinsloo, President, Namibian Chefs Association said that the journey to the competition felt so far away until the first contestants started turning up in Windhoek. “After we sized up the competition we were as ready as could be, we had five teams entering the competition and every team consisted of 3 chefs under the age of 25 and a team leader with a bit more experience ” she said.
The competing teams came from Namibia, Egypt, Lesotho, Mauritius and South Africa. The judges were the best chefs from Africa and the Middle East all accredited by World Association of Chef Societies.
“Dishes were pulled apart and studied by the judges and tasted again and again,” said Prinsloo. She added that the chefs had to use compulsory ingredients and the Namibian team made sure that they were the stars of every dish.
“And it was clear that they had all practised for hours for this event and the standard of food was excellent,” she said.
Namibian companies rallied behind this competition with Distell being the first to come on board, with Nederbur, Richelieu and Amarula and the pieces of the puzzle started falling in place. FNB, HAN, Safari Hotels, Hotel Uhland, Avani, Windhoek Country Club and Palmquell, helped to make this event possible.
“Well done to Chef David Thomas with his team, Stallin Steenkamp, Jo-Andri Pretorius and Jeandre-Paul Basson, all your hard work paid off,” concluded Sanet.

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