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Karate championships to grace the North

President of the Namibia Karate Union, Cornelius D’Alton

The Namibia Karate Union announced this week that the official National Karate Championships are to be held at the Ongwediva Trade Fair Centre on 26 September. This will be the first time a National Karate Championship is held in the North. Spectators are welcomed and no entry fee will be charged.

The President of the the Namibia Karate Union (NAKU), Cornelius D’Alton issued a statement containing the details regarding rules, affiliation, registration, categories, entry fees, team management, judging and required documentation.
“NAKU would like to attract more sponsors to our events to enable development and reduce the financial burden on athletes. The decision to host the event in Ongwediva has been taken mainly due to the fact that we have been approached by a sponsor eager to sponsor our event on the condition that the event is hosted in the North of Namibia. We are excited about our decision to host the event in Ongwediva and trust that we can rely on your support of this event,” he said.
Since Karate Championships are notorious for turning into a riot, the NAKU President announced that strict compliance with all prescribed regulations and entry requirements, will be demanded from all participants, their coaches and their team managers. Only athletes from registered styles that have paid their NAKU affiliation fees will be allowed to enter.
“All preliminary entries must be submitted to NAKU by 11 September and must be finalised one week later by 18 September. The entry fee for participation in the National Championships is N$100 per participant per event and N$100 per team for Kata. No entry will be accepted without the prescribed fees,” D’Alton explained.
NAKU member styles are limited to a three competitors per age category to ensure a high standard of competition. D’Alton said each style is required to appoint an official Team Manager and only this person may serve as coordinator and liaison officer for the style on the day of the championships.
“World Karate Federation rules and regulations will apply to all categories for both Kata and Kumite. Referees, judges and table officials will be required to attend a special training and refreshers course on 25 September,” he explained.
Each style is required to appoint a coach or coaches to assist athletes during the event. As an appointed coach the individual assumes responsibility for safety and discipline, both on and off the ring.
Registration and weighing will commence at 07H30 on the day of the tournament for all athletes. The participants to be weighed first, will be the Under 21 and senior participants, followed by the rest. A weight leeway of 1 kg will be allowed.

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