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Thou shallt not covet thy neighbour’s ox

An expectant crowd witnessed the donation of cattle from the Namibia Germany Special Initiative Programme to the San community in the Aminuis corridor.

Minister of Presidential Affairs Hon Frans Kapofi cautioned the new Bushmen cattle owners not to dispose of or slaughter the animals.

Fifty two Bushmen families who roam the area around one of the Aminuis corridor settlements received 175 cattle last week, as part of an effort by the Namibia Germany Special Initiative Programme (NG SIP) through the National Planning Commission (NPC) to try and turn roving hunter gatherers into sedentary animal husbands. The livestock distribution is one component of the NGSIP to develop community-driven projects in rural areas.

“This morning we witness yet another practical step taken by our Government and the German Government to combat poverty and empower our communities. Although the government declared an all-out war against poverty, popular participation remains a key imperative in the collective efforts to bring about social prosperity and sustainable livelihood for those at the periphery”, said Minister of Presidential Affairs, Hon Frans Kapofi at the transfer ceremony.
Kapofi warned the beneficiaries to refrain from selling or disposing of the livestock without due processes having been followed.“I urge the members of the communities and the Veterinary Department to keep a close eye on the livestock and to give technical advice to the beneficiaries in support of this worthy undertaking.”
According to the Deputy Ministry of Economic and National Planning, Hon Lucia Iipumbu an assessment done by the Special Initiative Programme indicates that there is potential for farmers to reap the benefits as envisaged. “This is but one project among many that attests to the importance of the bilateral cooperation we have with the Government of Germany,” she stressed.
Councillor for Development Cooperation at the German Embassy, Annegret Al-Janabi expressed her wish that Namibians and Germans together find a common language of remembrance and a way forward to shape a Namibian German future in dignity and cooperation.
“The project we are here to witness at Corridor 13 in the Aminuis Constituency is one of many NGSIP projects that have been selected to benefit members of Namibia’s San community. I hope that it is through projects and events like this that Namibia’s rural communities will be supported,” she added.
Aminuis Councillor Uanguta emphasized that the programme’s support to the Bushmen should be seen as an effort to bring development closer to the people. “I would like to see a scenario whereby the recipients of this generous assistance are utilizing it as a stepping stone for the betterment of their livelihood in order to break the shackles of poverty that confronted us in Aminuis Constituency,” he said.

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