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Kayu exhibits Namibian experience

Yuko Kayumi, a Japanese illustrator, will exhibit her latest work at the Omba Gallery from 12 to 30 April. The collection, ‘My Namibian Collection’, consists of 30 of her most recent works. This is the first time that Kayu, as she is known, will exhibit in Namibia.
She has travelled and exhibited throughout the world, including cities in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
Kayu’s inspiration is drawn from people whom she comes across momentarily in her life; this could be in the street, a coffee shop or any ordinary setting. The feelings of innocence and vitality of the animal kingdom, combined with their regal beauty, is what mostly captures her attention. Her collection is pleasant on the eye, with a different yet refreshing view of Namibian animals and people.
From 2000 until 2004, Kayu practiced her profession as an illustrator whilst working for the Japanese publishers Koubunsha, Sinkousa and Bungueisa illustrating books, magazines and posters. During this time, she also wrote, illustrated and published her own book “Dream of a return to zero” and sold more than 1,000 copies in Japan, Spain and Germany.

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