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Eros glory relives in new Skyview

The barman at the Eros Skyview restaurant, Willem Beukes is an accomplished entertainer of his guests with his skill in mixing smooth cocktails.

A new restaurant opened its doors in the mezzanine lounge at Eros Airport in Windhoek, rekindling fond memories of when the Eros lounge and balcony were a favourite spot for both aviators and passengers.

From this raised pedestal, many a business deal was concluded while the patrons watched the goings-on on the apron. The restaurant opened a week ago.
Namibia Airports Company said this week it welcomes the opening of the Skyview restaurant and bar at the Eros Airport. This new facility is part of the O-Pensadoor Group and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Mia Davids, Head of Corporate Communications at the Airports Company expressed her excitement about the enhanced experience now available for passengers and all other people who wish to enjoy the Skyview restaurant and bar. “The new restaurant complements our existing smaller takeaway at Eros and is sure to brighten the experience of clients with a view of the airport and happenings on the tarmac. As NAC we always encourage such ventures as they add value to clients at the airport and enhance the overall airport experience. We invite all clients to come and enjoy the new restaurant which not only offers great food, but also a lounge set-up with television and wi-fi.”
Chef Thuti invited visitors to try their food and beverages saying that he sources his supplies locally as much as possible, such as sheep, fish and venison and even looked at ensuring that most of it is organic. “We are open to the public from 06:30 in the morning and the kitchen closes at 21:30. Our prices are very competitive and affordable and we look forward to being of service to everyone” said the chef.

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