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Agrekko Zambia appoints Mulenga as Chair

David Taylor-Smith, Managing Director, Aggreko Europe, Middle East & Africa with Dr. Sixtus Mulenga, Chairman, Aggreko Zambia and James Shepherd, Managing Director, Aggreko Africa.

Aggreko this week announced the appointment of Dr. Sixtus Mulenga as Non-Executive Chairman, Aggreko Zambia. A well-known businessman and highly respected figure in the Zambian mining industry, Dr Mulenga brings significant experience to a role that is integral to the on-going expansion of Aggreko’s operations in Zambia.

Dr. Mulenga joins Aggreko as the company continues its expansion across Africa through the provision of high quality, fast-track critical power supplies to state utilities and industrial customers throughout the continent.
“We are delighted that Dr Mulenga has joined the Aggreko Zambia team,” commented David Taylor-Smith, Regional Managing Director, Aggreko Europe, Middle East and Africa. “He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organisation and I am confident that he will play a key role in seeing us continue the already impressive expansion of Aggreko across Africa, particularly in the utilities and mining sectors.”
Dr Mulenga has had a long distinguished academic career, publishing numerous academic papers in the field of mining geology and sustainability. He holds a number of degrees, including a PhD in Geology from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, Royal School of Mines, University of London.
Commenting on his appointment Dr Mulenga said, “I’m truly excited to be joining Aggreko, the global leader in the field of fast-track, mobile energy provision. As Zambia works to further develop its mining industry, along with the capacity and coverage of its electricity grid, Aggreko can play a key role in supporting these initiatives, while also supporting a growing and diversified industrial sector.”
In his role, Dr. Mulenga will provide independent leadership and council to the Aggreko EMEA Board in matters relating to the strategic direction and development of Aggreko’s business in Zambia in a non-executive capacity.

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