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Security force with a difference

Maike Nehrenheim chief executive officer of M&M’s Security Company.

M&M’s Special Security force is one of the successful security companies in Windhoek that protects high profile clientèle and VIPs. The biggest event that the company has sourced out their expertise to was for Joyce Meyer during the festival of life conference held last year.

Other prolific events that the company boasts under their belt are the, liquid events, the Jazz festival, Namrock, and their current projects include MTC’s master of success as well as the upcoming Trey Songz show. The company currently has bouncers at the Warehouse Boiler Room and are the First lady, Monica Geingos escorts.
“Namibia needs good service within the country and I want to bring that into the security service. I always make sure it is the small things that count, since other security companies take them for granted. For instance we always making sure the client is comfortable and that their needs are met. We not only ensure the clients are safe but that, the general public are equally safe,” said chief executive officer of M&M Security, Maike Nehrenheim.
“There are more than 32 registered security companies in Windhoek and the competition within the VIP Security Service is not so popular,” according to Nehrenheim.
With this Nehrenheim saw a gap in the market and grabbed it, with only N$5,000 to his name to start the business. The company officially kicked of in 2013 and up to date they have recruited more than 40 security guards and bodyguards thus far.
Nehrenheim goes the extra mile in personally training the security guards and bouncers himself as he has 15 years of experience in the field. “Bodyguards are usually masculine and this is not so with the staff of M&M Security rather. They are trained to to use the mouth as their most powerful weapon. The methodology the company uses to protect their client is unique to most norms of a security company,” he added.
“I always instruct the bodyguards to never use extensive force or explicit language on someone that might be harmful to the person or the crowd their protecting. Instead I train them to always use the reasoning approach, weapon of the mouth. The body guards should only react if the individual threatens a client or the crowd with a dangerous weapon. Or if they are attacked physically by the individual,”said Nehrenheim.
Even though Nehrenheim, is the CEO, he always makes sure that he is on site till the very end.  Nehrenheim ensures their clientèle’s safety is their first priority from the moment they arrive till when they leave. This routine is described as a Security Bubble a common term used in the security force when protecting a client. Meanwhile, the company works closely with Nampol so as to stay in check with the law.
“Proving that the company strives on excellence not just with their clients but everyone around them and proving no matter how big you are as a company one must always remain humble,” concluded Nehrenheim.

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