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National Pension feedback

The drafting of an implementation framework for a national pension and medical fund is awaiting approval from the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation.

This is according to Social Security Commission of Namibia spokesperson Castro Tjizoo. The SSC board approved a feasibility study which it submitted to its line ministry in December 2014.
Said Tjizoo, “The business case report for the National Pension and Medical Aid Funds respectively was approved by the Board [SSC] in December 2014 and submitted onwards to the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare (as it was called then) for consideration. Feedback is still pending from the Ministry.”
Added Tjizoo, “The feasibility study is the most critical component of the project and everything else hinges on that. Until such time feasibility is confirmed, no other activities are taking place.”
When approached for comment in November 2014, Uahatjiri Ngaujake was hopeful for feedback on the results of the feasibility study in the first quarter of 2015. He said at the time, “Since government input is beyond the control of the Social Security Commission, we shall not know when to expect that input, which is critical for the establishment of the National Pension Fund. Our hope is to get this feedback as soon as possible, hopefully during quarter 1 of 2015.”

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