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Winner kisses renting goodbye

Roux-che Locke, Group Manager: External Relations, Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies talking to an overwhelmed emotional, Randy Farmer who won N$ 500,000 in the Pick n Pay ‘Win a House’ competition on 27 January 2015. (Photograph by Mandisa Rasmeni)

Shaking with nerves and anticipation, Randy Farmer was the sixth contestant to try to unlock the door that was set up at Auas Valley Pick n Pay for the grand price of N$500,000 in the ‘Win a House’ competition on Tuesday. The crowd screamed with excitement as the key slowly turned in Randy’s hand, because they knew he had won the N$500,000. Tears of joy streamed down his cheeks as he started to comprehend that he had won. An ecstatic, Randy Farmer said he drew key number six and when the finalist before him could not unlock the door he knew that he had a higher chance of winning, even though he was still nervous.

“When it was my turn to try and unlock the door, I could not believe it when the key turned all the way. What a feeling!” he exclaimed with joy. Currently  renting a house, Randy found this as a huge step for him to purchase his own dream home. Norbert Wurm, Managing Director, Pick n Pay Namibia said that house prices in Namibia especially in Windhoek, have been rated to be amongst the highest in the world and it is a challenge to require property. “Yet we all aspire to have that special place we call home, a place to put your feet up and lay down your head at night, therefore this is all the more special if you are able to own this place and call it your home,” he emphasised. Wurm thanked all loyal customer and confirmed Pick n Pay’s promise of creating amazing experiences that have enduring impact, and not only do they endeavour to keep their prices competitive but also remain committed in ensuring that their products are of the highest quality. The competition is Pick n Pay’s biggest, where one lucky customer stood a chance of winning N$500,000 towards their bond, home loan or refurbishment of their home by spending N$100 or more at any Pick n Pay store in the country.

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