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Hunters take on environment

Ms Dietlinde Mueller, CEO: Namibia Professional Hunting Association ( NAPHA)

The Namibia Professional Hunting Association ( NAPHA) got a boost from FNB Namibia at their 41st annual general meeting. FNB Namibia supported the association by handing over special material shopping bags. Christo Viljoen, Head of FNB Tourism said, “The background behind the initiative is to initiate a public awareness campaign by handing out these special material shopping bags at major shopping malls/stores to visitors.”

“The awareness campaign aims to make the public aware of NAPHA and the fact that they support social projects and take conservation and the preservation of our beautiful Namibian environment very seriously. The slogan ‘Hunters caring for their environment’ is printed on one side of the material bag. The other side of the material bag carries the FNB Namibia Logo and slogan,” he said. Viljoen said that the sponsorship also aimed at creating an opportunity to give back to society in an effort to make Namibia a plastic-free environment. FNB also celebrated the formation of lasting bonds between NAPHA and FNB Namibia which will grow and thrive and prove to be mutually beneficial. “With this NAPHA would like to publicly emphasise the fact that ethical hunting, sustainable utilisation of wildlife and the concept of sustainable use (firmly enshrined in our countries’ constitution) are vital for the continued good health and survival of wildlife populations and Namibia’s conservation strategy regarding natural resources,” he added.

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